We have a vision of a better architecture. One in which architects aren't tied up or slowed by the tools they are using. We want to help by offering and sharing our logic, geometry and software skills.

We chase the vision with our own projects and we are open to collaborate as external consultants.

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We have 16 years of experience of transforming sketches and concepts into documentation and reality. We can help you transform yours. We can help you set rules, rationalize, define, analyze, document geometry. We believe in data based decision-making so we deliver data/models in BIM standards.


SAGE (Studio of Advanced GEometry) was founded as an internal support team in Ateliér Velehradský, s.r.o. for architects and engineers to help them with advanced geometry shapes. Its experience grew with internal projects. In 2022 we decided to offer SAGE as an external service. If you have an advanced geometry challenge as part of your project it will be  our pleasure to work with you. 

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